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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc. has recently relocated its Houston offices.

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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc.

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MECS Engineered Turnkey Solutions
At MECS, our capabilities encompass the spectrum of sulfuric and nitric acid plant design services and products. Over 50 years of experience is reflected in the high standards of the products and services that go in to each project and product. Serving our customers are over 250 experienced professionals offering the following services to acid industries:

Process Design:
The successful application of technology begins with the process design step. Years of practical experience greatly enhance the total design capabilities.

Using constantly updated computer modeling tools, our process engineers generate the conceptual design details for new plants, and are capable of studying the feasibility of capacity enhancements, energy conservation, and emission reduction.

Detailed Engineering:
Years of experience in acid plant design are the key to our successful engineering group. The continuous recording and upgrading of critical input have resulted in development of our Engineering Standards. Significant design quality and productivity improvements are offered via our Computer Aided Design (CAD) system.

With the added capability of 3D, we are able to model entire plants and customize the final product to meet the customers' needs more efficiently. Our detailed design capabilities draw from the talents and experience of our full range of in-house engineering design disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering P&IDs and PFDs
General Arrangements
Equipment Specifications
Vessel and Ductwork Customized vessel design
Process Gas Heat Exchangers
RTP Vessels
Process Gas Duct work systems
Structural/Civil Site plans
Steel Supports and access platforms
Piping Plans and isometrics Bills of Material
Stress analysis
Electrical and Instrumentation Single line diagram
Power, lighting and control design
Instrument loop diagrams
DCS programming for a variety of systems

Project Management And Control:
Experienced project managers monitor and control every project from inception through plant start-up with support from project engineers, scheduling specialists, cost control engineers, expediters, buyers and construction engineers. MECS has developed customized software to collect data from time sheets, purchase orders, accounts receivable, receiving reports, etc.

The consolidated input along with our extensive data base of experience on cost performance, productivity and progress gives the project team the capability to closely control costs, and adjust to schedule opportunities.

All aspects of the project are incorporated into a total project schedule from which major milestones are identified and closely monitored. Weekly project team meetings are held to analyze status, resolve the inevitable problems, and ensure that the team is moving in a cohesive direction.

Start-Up And Operator Training:
Start-up activities for a new or modified plant begins several months before construction is complete. Operating and start-up instructions are customized for the specific facility.

Included in the start-up planning and activities are: operator and supervisor training, both classroom and hands on, check-out of major equipment and control systems, debugging and commissioning of operational sub-systems, start-up support (around the clock if needed), debugging of equipment, instrumentation and procedures, and operational support until the entire process is brought up to the plant production rate for the performance demonstration.


    Brink Mist Eliminators
    Jensen Mixers
    DynaWave Scrubbers
    ZeCorTM Stainless Steel
    Mondi Piping
    Sulfuric Acid Catalyst
    Tower Packings, Random and
    Tower Internals
    Mass Transfer Trays
    Thermal Oxidizers
    Wet ESP's
    Sperry Filter Presses
    Turnkey Solutions
    Air Preheaters
    Metalworking Oil Mist
    Ceramic Tower Packing
    Indoor Air Quality
    Acid Plant Damper Valves
    Specialty Damper Valves
    Gate Valves
    Open Channel
    Acid Plant Tower
     and Converter Internals

    Lewis Pumps
    El Dorado Metals
    Catalyst Support Media, HiDur
      Inert Ceramic Balls
    Precision Screen



H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

If you have questions or would like detailed information on any of the products we sell or service, contact us anytime.


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