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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc. has recently relocated its Houston offices.

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H.A. Tenney and Company, Inc.

15299 Lake Lamond Rd.
Conroe, Tx 77384

Phone: 281.350.1200

Fax: 281.350.0101

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McGill AirClean has more than 40 years of experience solving air pollution control problems for boilers, furnaces, incinerators, and a variety of industrial processes.

During that time, we have helped customers comply with air emission regulation in industries such as glass, wood products, pulp and paper, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metals, petrochemical, electrical power and steam generation, hazardous solid waste incineration, and many more.

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) Systems
We have developed a wet ESP system for applications involving sticky or flammable particulate. A washdown system keeps the ESP internals clean to help prevent fires and maintenance problems. Our durable wet ESP systems have solved difficult emission control problems for fiberglass forming and curing ovens, wood dryers, wood-fired boilers, and steel scarfing processes

McGill AirClean has pioneered the application of high-efficiency wet ESPs, a cost-efficient, highly effective way to meet very stringent air pollution control regulations and for sticky or flammable flue gas particulates. A washdown system keeps the WESP internal clean to help prevent fires and maintenance problems.

The company's durable WESP systems have solved difficult emission control problems for wood dryers, wood-fired boilers, fiberglass forming and curing ovens, and steel scarfing processes.

PC-SAMTM Control System Makes ESP Systems Easy to Operate
To make our ESP systems easy to operate and maintain, we supply powerful PC-SAM computerized control systems. Each control system combines a programmable logic controller (PLC) with a personal computer (PC). We give you simplified control, on-line service, and greater data acquisition, with historical trending capabilities.

Simplified Control
The PLC is the brain of the control system, making decisions about the day-to-day operations of you air pollution equipment. The PC puts control of all functions at your fingertips, while providing visual displays so you can monitor operations. Our PC-SAM control program is user-friendly and can be set up for on-site or remote control. The PC can be programmed to work with controls for the precipitator and subsystems of your process, giving you a single integrated system.


    Brink Mist Eliminators
    Jensen Mixers
    DynaWave Scrubbers
    ZeCorTM Stainless Steel
    Mondi Piping
    Sulfuric Acid Catalyst
    Tower Packings, Random and
    Tower Internals
    Mass Transfer Trays
    Thermal Oxidizers
    Wet ESP's
    Sperry Filter Presses
    Turnkey Solutions
    Air Preheaters
    Metalworking Oil Mist
    Ceramic Tower Packing
    Indoor Air Quality
    Acid Plant Damper Valves
    Specialty Damper Valves
    Gate Valves
    Open Channel
    Acid Plant Tower
     and Converter Internals

    Lewis Pumps
    El Dorado Metals
    Catalyst Support Media, HiDur
      Inert Ceramic Balls
    Precision Screen



H.A. Tenney welcomes the opportunity to use our training and expertise to serve you and your company.

If you have questions or would like detailed information on any of the products we sell or service, contact us anytime.


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